Hemp Mint CBD Tea

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How quickly, intensely and for a long time cannabidiol works varies from person to person. Factors such as metabolism, state of health, age, weight, genetics, or daily constitution are decisive.

There are numerous exciting experiences about the effects of CBD tea, which we will discuss in more detail in a moment. Initial scientific studies also show that drinking tea containing cannabidiol has health benefits.

This is gratifying and gives hope that a large number of positive experience reports will one day be scientifically justified and proven. Among other things, the pain-relieving, calming, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant effects of cannabidiol have been proven.

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100% Natural

Hempiness products are 100% natural products derived from high-quality Hemp and laboratory tested to ensure the high-quality and purity.

THC & GMO-Free

We provide you with a list of all the ingredients on the label itself for each of our hemp products. All the products are THC & GMO-Free.

Pharmaceutically Approved

Our products are pure hemp products never seen before, with over 14 certificates of approval for safe use.

Why you’ll love Hempiness CBD Tea?

There are many possible uses for CBD tea. Countless field reports and more and more clinical studies testify to the wide range of possible applications:

  • For relaxation
  • For anxiety disorders
  • As a sleep aid
  • With various pains
  • For migraines and headaches
  • To lose weight
  • As support for smoking cessation
  • For problems with the cardiovascular system
  • With inflammation

Improve Your Health

Full-spectrum products have the advantage of containing many different cannabinoids and terpenes and the potential for wider health coverage.

Only the best for your skin

We use natural raw materials, oils, and active ingredients. As many of the ingredients as possible are also organic.

No Preservatives

Oils do not contain water, so we do not add preservatives into these products that could negatively affect your skin.

Cold Processing

Oil drops are processed by cold procedure, so nutrients are preserved as much as possible.

European Products

All Hempiness products are developed and manufactured in Europe.

Animal Friendly

The majority of our products are vegan.

What are the characteristics of CBD Tea?

When drinking CBD Mint tea, the CBD is absorbed through the small intestine. The duration of action is up to 8 hours. The co-called bioavailability is difficult to state for CBD tea and is between 4 and 20%.

The hemp plants used for CBD tea and other supplements are naturally richer in CBD and the psychoactive THC will have been removed to at least acceptable levels.

On the other hand, Mint is said to have healing properties for headaches, nausea, and respiratory diseases. CBD tea is just like regular tea – just with a little CBD sprinkled in!

The ingredient menthol is responsible for its health-promoting effect. The essential mint oil has an analgesic, expectorant, and anti-inflammatory effect. CBD, aka cannabidiol, is a substance naturally found in hemp plants.

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