For a valid product order, the person filling the order must be over 18 years of age (legal capacity).
The buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the data entered during registration.


Personal data is considered to be your identification data: name and surname, e-mail address, home
address and telephone number, ie data that are not otherwise publicly available, and for which

HEMPINESS D.O.O. find out during your use of the Internet store.
HEMPINESS D.O.O. undertakes to use your personal data only for identification purposes when using
the Internet store, in order to enable you to use all the options they provide, and will keep it secret,
ie will not distribute, publish, give it to third parties for use or make it available in any other way to
any third party without your prior consent.

HEMPINESS D.O.O. undertakes to provide protection of personal data of customers, by collecting
only the necessary, basic information about customers / users that are necessary to fulfill our
obligations; informs customers about how to use the collected data, regularly gives customers a
choice about the use of their data, including the ability to decide whether or not to have their name
removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user data is strictly kept and is only
Available to employees who need this data to do the job. All HEMPINESS D.O.O. and business
partners are responsible for adhering to the principles of privacy.


By visiting the pages of our Internet store, you communicate electronically. You hereby accept that
all agreements, notices, communications and other content provided to you electronically meet the
legal framework as if they had been realized in writing.


Photographs of products are illustrative in nature and do not always and in all details correspond to
the products that are the subject of the order. In the case of the stated discrepancy between the
product shown in the photo and the delivered product, there is no shortage of product.

Product data (product description, price, etc.) displayed on is subject to bugs,
application irregularities, other technical irregularities, typographical errors and the like.
The subject of the order can only be products for which the order states that they are available in the
warehouse and products that are not available in the warehouse, but are available within 7 working
days, not including Saturday and Sunday.


Due to the large number of orders placed simultaneously at, product
availability information may not be the same as stock status.
If the ordered product is not available in stock, HEMPINESS D.O.O. will inform the customer that the
product is currently unavailable, the deadline within which the product is available and also offer the
possibility of purchasing an alternative product from which is available
for delivery and which is closest in its characteristics to the product that cannot be delivered.